Belvedere Tiburon Child Care Center

After School Program at Bel Aire Site

Youth from Grades 3 to 5 may attend the BTCCC at Bel Aire located in Rooms M4 and M5.

Youth from Del Mar School, Grades 6 to 8 may also attend the BTCCC at Bel Aire.  Parents are responsible for procuring the bus pass needed for the children to take the bus to Bel Aire from Del Mar.

The program at Bel Aire provides opportunities for art, science, cooking and outdoor sports.  There is also ample time and space provided for the children to accomplish their homework assignment for the day or the week. 

Children at the Bel Aire Site must keep their cell phones in their backpacks.  If there is a need to communicate with your child, you may call the Bel Aire Site at (415)435-4366.

Friday is Technology Day at the Bel Aire Site.  The children may bring and use their ipods, mp3 players and laptops for games.  However, the BTCCC is not responsible for any loss or damage to technology items brought to the center.